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São Paulo’s GDP equivalent to that of 4,305 Brazilian cities

699.3 billion reais. This was the gross domestic product (GDP) of the city of São Paulo alone in 2017, equivalent to those of 4,305 other municipalities in Brazil, according to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). revealed this Friday.

A figure that is all the more impressive since the Paulista capital concentrates 5.8% of the Brazilian population against 23.9% for these other cities placed in comparison. A study which confirms in any case again the preponderance of São Paulo and even beyond, of its State in the Brazilian wealth. In the ranking of the 25 municipalities with the highest GDP, eleven are located in the state of São Paulo.

São Paulo benefits its agglomeration

“There is an overflow of economic dynamism from the capital to these nearby towns,” said an IBGE statistician interviewed by Valor. “But there are also municipalities that are not from the São Paulo metropolitan area, such as Ribeirão Preto and Campinas,” he adds.

The IBGE survey also shows that the main economic sector of these Paulista towns is that of services. This is the activity that mainly sets São Paulo apart from the rest of the country’s other municipalities, especially the smaller ones where the weight of public administration is the greatest.

Industry and agriculture present

In the state of São Paulo, services are followed by industry. But the agricultural sector has a significant weight with 9.8 billion reais of gross added value.

The top 10 cities with the largest GDP in 2017 are therefore led by São Paulo, followed by
Rio de Janeiro (337 billion reais)
Brasilia (244 billion)
Belo Horizonte (88 billion)
Curitiba (84 billion)
Osasco (São Paulo – 77 billion)
Porto Alegre (73.8 billion)
Manaus (73 billion)
Salvador (62 billion)and Fortaleza (61 billion).

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