M&A and corporate law in Brazil

BERTRAND DE SOLERE advises the entrepreneurs, Brazilian as well as foreigners, in structuring their business in Brazil and their deals with local partners, seeking the best structures for better control, and for judicial and administrative safety, as well as tax optimization.
Our legal services include the legal representation of foreign investors in Brazil, the creation of Brazilian companies with foreign investments in any business areas, such as industrial, agrobusiness, services, real estate, rural and urban, hotel business and hospitality.
We set up teams to perform due diligence in M&A processes, including tax, labour, corporate, civil and environmental law specialists. We help negotiate any M&A agreements (MOU; SPA; Shareholder’s Agreements).  

Real Estate assistance for any transaction of real estate in Brazil by any foreign investor

BERTRAND DE SOLERE provides all the necessary assistance to secure the real estate transactions, including the checking of the documents, the negotiation; the drafting and formalization of the contracts and the safety of the payment, including small operations by any individual and more complexe operations by corporations from the hospitality business.
We help structure hotel businesses between operators and developers.
We help structure incorporation of real estate development.
We advise on urban real estates as well as rural ones, for which rules are specific for foreign investors in Brazil.

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Residence visa in Brazil

BERTRAND DE SOLERE provides all the necessary assistance for the granting of any kind of residence visa in Brazil.
A very important reform has been set up in 2017 about immigration in Brazil, offering more possibilities and flexibility for the granting of residence visas in Brazil. The Brazilian authorities frequently enact new rules in order to facilitate and adapt the residency rules to the new moving world, such as the “digital nomad” visa. We are totally updated and tightly connected to the main Brazilian Consulates worldwide, hel

Inheritance, matrimonial, divorces and family issues in Brazil

BERTRAND DE SOLERE provides assistance in any judicial or extrajudicial inheritance inventory and liquidation, mainly when there are international issues in the process (foreign heirs; assets in different countries).
We advise on divorces and matrimonial issues, including for international couples with assets in different countries.

Brazilian International taxation

BERTRAND DE SOLERE has a strong expertise in international taxation issues according to Brazilian law, whether as regards legal entities or individuals.
We are used to the interpretation and application of the international treaties against double taxation executed by Brazil with different countries world wide, related to income taxes and tax residence.
We formulate corporate and business best structures in Brazil for tax optimization in an international environment.
We advise on tax consequences in inheritance issues in Brazil, real estate, and any kind of capital gain obtained in Brazil.

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Bertrand de Solere is certified Data Protection Officer by the French Authority for Data Protection (CNIL), through the Bureau Veritas France. Bertrand de Solere assist multinationals to be compliant with the data protection rules worldwide, mainly GDPR (Europe) and LGPD (Brazil). SOLERE assists multinationals to be compliant with the Brazilian law against corruption (Law 12.846/13). 
We mainly provide training for the companies and their employees in order to inform on the best way to legally process datas or avoid risks of corruption. We also present solutions and tools for implementing the compliance structure.
We provide services as Data Protection Officer – DPO in long term contracts.