The residence visa in Brazil for digital nomads

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The residence visa in Brazil for digital nomads

Brazil’s New Immigration Law (2017)

New philosophy And The Visa of Nomad Digital

Brazil has profoundly changed the conditions for granting residence visas with its new immigration law, Law 13445, of May 24, 2017. This law replaces a 1980 law, with a very different philosophy. Until 2017, the
principles that guided immigration regulations were those of national security. The philosophy of the 2017 law is that of humanitarian principles. Thus, concretely, since 2017 the regulations facilitate the obtaining of the residence visa in Brazil. In the first place, new grounds for granting visas have been created, such as the visa through the acquisition of real estate; and the digital nomad visa. Moreover, the new law allows the obtaining of residence visa to any foreigner who is already physically present in Brazil, even in an illegal situation. Before the new law, it was necessary to collect the visa at the Brazilian Consulate in the country of origin of the immigrant.

The latest regulation on residence visas in Brazil is Normative Resolution n. 45 of 24.01.2022, of the National Immigration Council of Brazil, which organizes the granting of residence visas in Brazil for digital nomads.

Digital Nomad means any immigrant who, remotely and with the use of iinformation and communication technology, is able to carry out his professional activities in Brazil for an employer located outside Brazil” (Art. 1 §º 1).

The maximum duration of the visa is one year, renewable, knowing that it is possible to apply already on the territory of Brazil. To obtain the visa, several documents and information must be provided, including:

  • the employment contract attesting the employment relationship with a foreign employer; 
  • the demonstration that services can be provided remotely using information and communication technology; 
  • a minimum monthly income of the equivalent to 1,800.00USD, earned abroad, or a minimum bank deposit abroad of the equivalent to 18,000.00USD.

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